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Arriving and Departing passengers (International or Domestic) are not separated within their respective levels airside (after security/immigration/customs). Domestic passengers areas are on Level 3, in the Contact Pier of the Main Terminal.  International passengers can move freely between Level 4 in the contact Pier and the Satellite building.

There is no security check for arriving passengers transiting to another flight. However there are gate checks as you enter the Departure holding room. There are no toilets inside.

Transit  (KLIA)

International transit

All International passengers, whether arriving or departing, are able to mix freely on the airside of security/immigration/customs. The International areas cover the satellite building (Gates C1-C37) and central hub, Level 4 in the Main building (Gates GG1-10 and H-10) and the Contact Pier.

If you are catching an onward flight at the same Gate grouping you can go straight to the gate on the same level.  G and H Gates are opposite arms of the Contact pier so you may move freely between them on the same level. The same applies to Gates on the 4 arms of the Satellite building.

If your new Gate requires you to move between the Satellite Pier (C Gates) and the Contact Pier (G & H Gates), catch the free aerotrain service which runs regularly between the two buildings. Gates C1-C6.

Most airline Lounges (Airline and other) and a Transit Hotel are located in the Satellite building. They are signposted but if you need assistance the Information Counter is in the centre of the hub.

Both areas (Satellite and main building) offer free internet, clean drinking water fountains and clean toilets. Transit passengers have a number of options to Rest and Relax.  If you’d like to go shopping, both international and domestic travellers have a good range of choices.

Feeling hungry or thirsty? You can grab takeaway, or choose from the range of bars, cafes and snack bars.

Foods on offer are a a range of sit down cafes and take-away options.

Domestic transit

All Domestic Arriving and Departing passengers use Level 3 of the Contact Pier in the main Terminal building.

Malaysia Airlines has a Golden Lounge and there are both sit down and takeaway food options.



The main feature of the central hub is the well established mini tropical rainforest in the centre.

  • The Information Counter and Transfer desks are in front of the Aerotrain platform.
  • Airline and special lounges are located on the mezzanine floor.
  • Access is via steps, escalators and lifts.
  • All food and duty free shopping outlets are located around the Central Hub
  • Most outlets open between 6am and midnight.


International and Domestic passengers are separated  by Immigration/Customs formalities.

Links to Food, Rest & Relax, Shopping?

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