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Travellers arriving in KLIA have a number of transport options. These vary with destination and your budget.

Ride Sharing is legal in Malaysia. Ride sharing apps may be downloaded from their website or the store on your phone. ** Please note that this site is not endorsing any operator mentioned here. The information and links provided are provided to inform and there are other similar options available in many cases.

KLIA Ekspres, KLIA Transit

Fast electric train to Kuala Lumpur Central Station (KL Sentral)

Service is provided by Express Rail Link Sdn Bhd (ERL)

  • Platform is at Level 1
    • Access by escalator or lifts by escalator or lifts
    • Only A, B,E & F give direct access to the station platform
  • Trains originate from klia2, so you can use this way for a quick transfer between both terminals
    • Fare is currently MYR2 each way

Two types of trains available (fare to KL Sentral is the same for both)

  • KLIA Ekspres
    • Direct to KL Sentral
    • Journey takes 28 mins
    • Every 15 minutes during peak hours
    • Every 20 minutes during off-peak hours
  • KLIA Transit
    • Train stops at
      • Salak Tinggi,
      • Putrajaya & Cyberjaya,
      • Bandar Tasik Selatan,
      • KL Sentral
    • Journey takes 35 mins
    • Every 15 minutes during peak hours
    • Every 30 minutes during off-peak hours
  • Full schedule for both services available HERE

Buying Tickets

  • Online from the KLIAEkspres website or app
  • Get a discount
    • Pay at the kiosk rather than ticket counter
    • Online with a discount code
    • Through third party (some offer discounts)
  • For a full list of payment options and discounts, HERE

Private & Rental Cars and Ride Share Cars

  • Private and ride-share car pick-up is from Level 3.
    • A number of designated pick-up lanes are available.
    • The lanes at the far end (outside Gates 7 & 8) are generally less crowded
    • arrange for your pick-up at one of these lanes.
    • Rental Car booths are just inside the exits for Arriving passengers, close to Taxi coupon counters.
  • Ride share services are legal in Malaysia. Download their apps from their website or your Android or iPhone.
  • Please note that Uber does not operate in Malaysia.
    • Uber holds an interest in Grab Malaysia.


  • Airport Limo (service provider at KLIA)

  • Coupon purchase (You must purchase coupons for this service)
    • Coupons are priced according to your destination and include any toll charges.
    • You may pay by cash or credit card
    • Pass the coupon slip to the driver. No further payment is required
    • These taxis are operated by Airport Limo (M) Sdn. Bhd
      • Budget taxis
        • Pick-up at Level 3, Gate 1 & 2
        • 3 to 4 passengers only.
        • Most of these taxis have a NGV tank which reduces luggage space.
        • They are a good option if you have only a little luggage.
      • Premier Limo
        • Pick-up at Level 3, Gate 3 & 4
        • larger cars.
        • 4 to 5 passengers only
        • recommended for those with more luggage or more people.
      • Super Luxury
        • 3 passengers only
      • Family Service
        • Van transport.
        • Up to 8 passengers
  • Vans for larger groups or those with more luggage.

    • Book online or by WhatsApp
    • Pick-up is on Level 3 (confirm with the operator)
    • One company offering a selection of van sizes is GetCar.
  • Metered taxis

    • local taxis, using meter good if you are not travelling far.
    • They use the meter, haggling is not allowed.
    • Passenger pays any toll charge
    • Pick-up at Level 1, (Door 2)
    • Two types of taxi available
      • Budget – red and blue
      • Executive – blue. The fare is double that of the budget taxi.
      • 50% surcharge from 12a.m – 6a.m

Purchasing coupons for Airport Limo taxis

  • International arrivals
    • The counters are just after Customs, before the Exit to the public arrival area.
  • Domestic – There are counters
    • Domestic Baggage Reclaim before the exit
    • In the public area after the Domestic Arrivals Exit.


Free Shuttle services

  • Buses between KLIA and klia2
    • Level 1 (Door 4)
  • Free shuttle service to  Mitsui Outlet Park
    • Level 1, (Door 2)
  • Access by escalator or lifts (only C, D, G & H open at the correct side for access)

Shuttle Bus services

  • The main Bus Hub is in C Parking area
    • follow the signs from the Arrival Area
    • C Parking is at the end of the terminal closer to the Domestic Arrival area.
  • Shuttle buses to KL Sentral and other Klang Valley locations (Klang, Subang, Subang Skypark, Shah Alam)

Other bus services

  • Buses further afield (Genting, Muar, Melaka and other towns)
    • Bus Hub in C Parking area, follow the signs
  • Tickets may be bought on board, or online.
  • Redbus is a useful tool to find and book the bus you need.
    • Identify which company services your destination, or make a choice
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